Frequently asked Questions

What does my room / shared appartment look like?

-Every member of the shared appartment has a room with 16m². This room has at least one big window. You shre restroom, kitchen and living room with your roommates. Just take a look at the pictures.

How long does it take to get a room?

It depends alot on how many people move out here. Currently 1-2 months (Updated March 2014).

How do I know on what position I am on the list of applicants?

It would take way to much time to keep everybody up to date, so we can‘t and wont tell you.

We sometimes send emails and ask wether you are still interested in a room or not. If you don‘t answer them within a few days you will be deleted from the list of applicants.

Is loud during night time?

There are a lot of partys but normally not during the exams.

What‘s about the internet access?

For internet you have to pay 25€ for 6 mounths. Speed is about 100 mbit/s.

Is there wireless internet access?


Is it possible to move within Campus?